‘Nojoom Al-Elm’ play

The musical theater play titled ‘Nojoom Al-Elm’ portrays the discovery of science by the first men and women, and its significance in their lives for day-day activities. This discovery paved way for others to be inspired and use this knowledge to form civilizations and thrive on this planet for the years to come. Man continued to exchange information on a regular basis and has evolved over the years and even up to the present era

Formal education began in the old souk in Kuwait, and the first school was built here to commemorate the efforts of the traders who contributed to its construction. It was called the ‘Mubarakiya School’

This brings us to the moment in history as the State of Kuwait was formed in 1959, it marked the beginning of women’s education in the country as well. A lot of women had studied and completed their education in Egypt and became a source of inspiration to all women in Kuwait and the gulf region.

The play also included several paintings and décor designs such as ‘ inspirations and beginnings of education’- formal education in Kuwait- gaining experiences of different countries in the world.
‘The new dream is the only limit of the dream itself’

Theater play concept: idea and the initiative of Professor Adla Musaed Sayer
Song: Badr Bouresli, Composition: Mohammed Al Beaijan
Port / Assistant director: Lama Al-Silahi
Director: Yarub Bourhamah
Produced by Lightbug Media Productions for the Jeel Al-Jadeed School.

  • Categories: Lightbug Theater
  • Jeel Al Jadeed School, Hawally: مؤسسة الجيل الجديد التعليمية
  • Year: 2015