‘Ehsibha Ghair’

LightBug Media Productions presents the theater production Ehsibha Ghair. The children’s musical covers the journey of three children growing up in Kuwait.

Ehsibha Ghair is the story of three children; Khaled, Lulwa, and Dana and their journey into the mobile world where they interact and have adventures with several personalities of popular virtual applications such as the King of YouTube, along with many more interesting characters. Throughout this journey, the children discover their talents and utilize them to achieve their goals. The play will feature 12 songs.
The play aims to teach children how to find their talents and use them in a positive manner to achieve their future goals.

The play is directed by Yarub Bourhamah and assistant director Maryam AlOmani who was specifically responsible for the choreography & coordination of stage movements and the costumes of all the performers . Furthermore, they were assisted by the efforts of Fawaz Al-Jaber & Maryam Al-Abadh
Produced by : Lightbug Media Productions and Wesal Media team

The children’s play premiered on 20th March 2015 with the show trending with the tag #ehsibha_ghair
And it was held in GCC Joint Production Program Institution ( Opera house) Salmiya.
The opening night was attended by several respected public figures, including:

-His Excellency the Minister of Information Sheikh Salman Al-Hamoud Al-Sabah
– Former Minister of Information, Mr. Mohammed Sanousi
-Secretary-General of the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters M. Ali Al Youha
-Sheikha Intesar Al-Sabah

Some of the artists who were present, included:
Artist Khalid Al-Braiki
Artist Bashar Al-Shatti
Writer Heba Hamada
Dr. Soad Fareej
Engineer .Mejbel Mutawa
Mr. Dhari Al Belaihees
Actress Laila Abdullah
Mr. Shoaib Rashid Al-Hajri.

  • Categories: Lightbug Theater
  • GCC Joint Production Program Institution ,Salmiya: مسرح مؤسسة الإنتاج البرامجي المشترك ( دار الأوبرا ) السالمية
  • Year: 2015