Kan Refeeji

Kanrefeeji is a Kuwaiti film written by Yarub Burhama and Directed by Ahmad AlKhalaf starring Khaled Al Braiki, Faisal Al Ameeri, Abdulmohsen Al Qaffas, Fatma Al Saffi and Maram, co-starring Zainab Khan, Abdulla Al Rayyes, Rawan Al Sayegh, Ali Boland, Dhayaa Jafar, and a selection of other stars, including guest performers such as Mubarak Sultan, Khaled Al Mulla and Bader Nouri.
Set up in the beautiful early eighties of the past century, the film Kanrefeeji explores the true meaning of friendship in social context and as part of life challenges raising critical questions and different perspectives in the mind of the viewers .
The story also portrays the actor Khalid, who chose to be loyal to his dream, knowing that his childhood friend might have chosen a wrong path.
The film reviews a variety of aspects in friendship, the hardships in life, the reality of Khalid’s work and the establishment of his family. The film will leave its viewers with compelling questions concerning the real definition of friendship, and sacrifice.

  • Categories: Lightbug Films
  • Year: 2014