In the past decade Lightbug Media production has involved itself in several projects and successfully produced media content that catered its clients’ needs and delivered their ideas in the most professional and highest quality. Some of the notable projects would be:

Understanding Learning Difficulties: produced for the Center for Child evaluation and Training, is the only film that highlights about Dyslexia ,which was written and directed by Yarub Bourahmah

‘Tow El Layl’ The only nighttime show aired on Al-Watan TV, created and produced by Lightbug.

‘Kan Refeeji’ The only Kuwaiti feature film, after ‘Bas Ya Bahar’ (40 years ago), that addresses a current social issue in the country. The film has received positive feedback since its release on July 2014. The National Council for Culture & Arts (NCCAL) have awarded the National award for best directing to director Ahmad Al-Khalaf.

Sabah Al-Watan Recipient of a Certificate of Appreciation from his Highness Shaikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, the Amir of State of Kuwait, for Sabah Al-Watan musical in 2008.

Give me a chance : Musical Documentary Campaigns that calls for the right the employment of the people with Special needs. And recipient of Certificate of Appreciation from Kuwait Society for Guardians Of The Disabled

Al Qatami Documentary (The Graduation society) Concept production of Life of The deceased Jassim AlQatami (Holder – State Incentive Award in the field of arts – Award Television output).

Oprit National day for Zain 2013 The best ad for 2013.